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Within each of us is a place, rich and fertile to grow our Self. Our Secret Garden. A place to plant seeds of growth, dreams, and desires. Our spirit yearns for a whole, healthy, joyful, passionate life. We know that is an essential part of our nature. Yet, with our hectic day to day routines we may forget to tend to our Secret Garden, our inner spirit.

A resource for Reiki, Spiritual Development, Personal Growth and Healing.

Mystic Zen Jewelry Healing Jewelry
Mystic Zen Healing Jewelry
Way of the Horse Oracle Card Readings
Way of the Horse
Oracle Card Readings
Distance Reiki Sessions
Distance Reiki Sessions
Intuitive Reading Spirit Bracelet

Gemstone Intuitive Spirit Bracelet

What do I need right now?

Looking for a little guidance or positive energy to work with? Beads are intuitively selected and made into a bracelet with an intuitive reading. From my jewelry line, Mystic Zen Jewelry.