30 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

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  1. Write. Just sit and write a continuous stream of thoughts. Empty your brain.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Go for a walk.
  4. Take a break.
  5. Change your schedule. Mix your day up. Work in the evening instead of the day or visa versa.
  6. Keep a notebook/journal with you at all times. Write down any little thought of creative juice that comes to you.
  7. Scrapbook. Cut out pictures and phrases from magazines. Make a collage based on a theme, or not.
  8. Play music or change the music you usually listen to.
  9. Be sensual. Allow yourself to be totally absorbed by your senses. It will put you in the “present”.
  10. Meditate or do something relaxing.
  11. Connect with nature.
  12. Add plants to your work space.
  13. Write ideas or draw on paper instead of always on the computer.
  14. Use a different color pen. Green stimulates creativity.
  15. Power of association. Pick a word from a dictionary or use a quote.
  16. Mind map.
  17. Network with new people.
  18. Change your environment.
  19. Set limits.
  20. Daydream.
  21. Explore possibilities. What if? Why? How?
  22. Create a routine. Work at the same time without interruptions. Be consistent.
  23. Create a ritual. Light candles, play music, have a cup of tea as part of your creative time.
  24. Vary everything you do. Mix it all up. (yes, this contradicts #22 but maybe you already have a routine).
  25. Celebrate beginnings, endings and major events in your creative process.
  26. Change your perspective. Look at the project from a different view.
  27. Allow the process to unfold as it will. There is a period of conception, incubation and birth.
  28. Diversify your interests. Change what you read.
  29. Look at the world through child’s eyes. Be curious and innocent.
  30. Just start. Don’t procrastinate.