How One Word Can Change Your Life

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New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

According to statistics, 62% of Americans set New Year’s resolutions. Only 8% of those resolutions are successfully achieved. Wow! Not very good odds.

Sure we all hope for a better financial position, to lose some extra weight, improve our self, a better relationship, to let go of unhealthy habits such as alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, to exercise more or to eat healthier. Yet we don’t stick with our best intentions, so carefully planted in the fertile ground of the New Year.

resolve: to fix or settle on by deliberate choice and will; determine (to do something).

Maybe that is the problem, we are striving to “fix” something about our self… old habits, things we don’t care for about ourselves. Should’s and have to’s don’t work, they are coming from a place of judgment.

Make this year different.

This year try choosing a theme to integrate into your life. A simple yet powerful, one word theme. Something positive and from the heart. Let it infuse everything you do and think. Look at is as a way to be rather than a thing to do.

This process will transform your life so put some thought into it. Set aside some quite, reflective time for yourself. Make a list of words that resonate with you, your deepest self, values that you would like to expand in your life. These words will have a high vibration to them, expansive and empowering.

peace, gratitude, love, health, simplicity, mindfulness, compassion, serenity, focus, abundance, detoxification, integrity, authenticity, surrender, trust, creativity, inspiration, commitment, growth, flow, service…

A couple questions that may help with the process:

  • What is preventing me from “shining my light”?
  • What is holding me back from sharing my gifts?
  • What do I need to expand in my life to create more joy?
  • What will inspire me to the next level?

Explore and add to your list until one word jumps out and grabs you. This is your theme for the year but also know that you can “correct and continue” if you wish any time during the year.

Totally integrate this theme into your life.

Your theme may feel a little uncomfortable, challenging, and something that doesn’t come naturally. Remember, this is a method to create transformation. Don’t settle, create something extraordinary with your life.

Because your theme has been chosen from your heart, it is already in alignment with your authentic self so your intention will help it flow and integrate more smoothly.

Totally immerse yourself and integrate your theme into your life, every aspect of it. Have it be part of your conversations, interactions, actions and thoughts. Let go of any expected outcomes and how it will show up in your life. Any time we create growth and allow transformation, we are in a healing process, releasing what no longer serves us; stories, patterns, habits… We may also face challenges and lessons. This is all part of becoming more whole and authentic. Remember that when your theme appears in an unexpected way. And don’t forget the gratitude for however it shows up.  Maybe love is your theme… a loved one may leave your life… that’s one way to experience a fuller understanding of love.

Your theme is a way to be, not a thing to do.

Post reminders around, create a vision board, read and explore your theme.

Don’t allow any judgment of your self to enter the picture if you “slip up” and act without being present with your theme. Just recognize it and continue on.

What one word is going to change your life?

After careful thought and reflection, my theme for this year is mindfulness. I will strive to be more present in everything I do. By putting mindfulness into practice, many things in my life that I wish to change should do so naturally. If I’m mindful during eating, I will eat healthier. If I’m mindful during writing, I will stay focused. To get me on track I started reading How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness. This book contains 53 chapters of simple mindful exercises to practice one per week for a year.